NaPoWriMo Day One: Nora Murray-Cavanagh – Mountains

Welcome to NaPoWriMo 2022 and the first in a series of daily podcasts bringing you poems and prompts for inspiration.

Today’s prompt comes from Nora Murray-Cavanagh who invites you to take mountains as your starting point for today’s poem. It’s fitting as we begin to tackle the mountain of poetry ahead of us. As Nora’s poem shows there are many types of mountain, and many ways to approach them. Good luck with your mountain poem and reach for the sky!


Mountains of laundry
Mountains of porridge
Mountains of limbs and hugs and kisses

Mountains of paperwork
Mountains of pain
Mountains of inequalities, despite what they say

Mountains of green grass
Mountains of grey stone
Mountains of white snow with yellow daffs peeping through

Mountains of hope
Mountains of persistence
Mountains of fear, feeling it and climbing those bloody mountains anyway

Nóra Murray-Cavanagh

Nóra Murray-Cavanagh
I am a poet, mother, doctor living in Scotland. It’s clear to me, the creative arts are essential to our wellbeing and growth as humans. I encourage poetry, reading, writing, theatre, music and more across all groups making up our society. Let’s do this! Fascinated to hear your responses to the prompt. A shoutout to the inspirational Laura Fyfe, Stirling Makar (special Scottish word for “poet”) – her generosity and talent and warmth are doing so much to encourage poetry across the country, and perhaps, the world!

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1 thought on “NaPoWriMo Day One: Nora Murray-Cavanagh – Mountains”

  1. If you really loved me, you would
    whisper it in my ear.
    But I could say it out loud.
    If you really loved me, you would
    say it out loud to me.
    But I could say it on the phone.
    If you really loved me, you would
    say it on the phone.
    But I could say it in public.
    If you really loved me, you would
    say it in public.
    But I could shout it across the street.
    If you really loved me, you would
    shout it across the street.

    I can barely see you
    as I follow you on the next ski lift
    while the icy wind howls
    and the tiny snowflakes hit our faces,
    I can barely see you,
    as I turn around
    holding tight on the pole,
    but I can hear you.

    I hear you,
    and I know.
    I hear you.
    And the Mountain hears.
    And the World hears.
    I love you too.

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