NaPoWriMo Day Three: Scott Gooch – Machinery

Today we welcome one of the top contributors to last year’s NaPoWriMo, Scott Gooch, with a poem he wrote during the challenge.

Scott’s machinery prompt

With this Luc Bat style poem I took a typewriter and broke it down to the sounds and themes that inspired me when thinking of using a typewriter. I would like to challenge you to take a similar machine or device and write a poem exploring the senses and themes you associate with the device, think of the structure of the poem and experiment with representing the sense to really embody the chosen device.


*Click-clack….* Typewriter goes
Love, Life, Poetry, Prose… *Click-clack*
Lever pulled… Carriage back…
*Pringgg…Chu-click* Paper slack… Keys protest!
*Click-clack…* Hot off the press…
  Liberty or oppress… [Redact]
*Pringgg…Chu-click..* Fiction *Clack…*
Fantasy…In jet-black…*thruick-chuck*
History in stone struck!!…Typewriter!
 Rewriter!! Unwriter!! Fighter!!
A protest igniter…Cut! Print!
Truth in writers’ tint
*Pringg…Chu-click…* Lies reprint…[Redact]
*Click-Clack…Click-Clack! Click-CLACK!!!* 

Scott Gooch

Scott Gooch is a Norfolk poet and improv performer who has had his poetry broadcast on local radio and regularly performs at local poetry nights. He looks forward to developing his futuristic and fantasy poetry in future planned and unplanned projects. 

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