Napowrimo Day Six: Java – Paint

Today ‘warrior poet’ Java offers a simple prompt to get your poem started as we near the end of the first week of NaPoWriMo.


Use the word paint any way you want. Think of its colours, texture and all the pictures you can paint with it from landscapes, portraits, abstract, and surrealist imagery. You’re sure to find inspiration to fill today’s blank canvas.

Blank Canvas

Another hour, another layer
Of gesso on brush
Deep beneath, somewhere
A flower, so lush

Like and unlike every other
Petals of red
Growing by the road
Fragile, some dead

But this cannot be seen
Underneath the layers
Of base paint
No green
Hues of leaves
Amid a backdrop of grass and trees

No autumn sky
When days were stretched
The sun would die
And wretched man would try
To prolong the light
Maintain his plight
For one more second
He would fight
With all his breath and soul

Instead, with brush in hand
Painting white across the land
While light fades, slowly dimming
A blank canvas
Hoping for some new beginning.


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1 thought on “Napowrimo Day Six: Java – Paint”

  1. A landscape artist
    paints a portrait
    first thing in the morning

    its bright colors
    and dark shades
    make its classic elegance

    chin up, hollow eyes
    gentle movements
    emerge out of memory


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