NaPoWriMo Day Eight: Rychard Carrington – Be emotional and original

Today we welcome back Richard Carrington who invites you to describe emotions using unusual imagery.


Write a poem about emotions without using any weather or sky imagery. The more unusual the imagery the better. Parts of the body encouraged, except ‘eyes’ and ‘heart’. 

Weather Imagery Moratorium

Here comes the sun, temporarily.
It’s not going to stick around forever, you stupid idiot.
Rain, wind, clouds etc., they’re all like that,
They come and then they go.
Summer, autumn, winter, spring follow each other with dull predictability.
There’s day and then there’s night,
The sun rises and then sets,
The moon waxes and then wanes.
Meanwhile in Lidl the price of Vitalite margarine has gone up 15p,
But you can buy three tubs for the price of two.

Like the sun you make me wear protection.
Like the ocean you’re wobbly and vast.
Like the wind you’re a bloody nuisance, frankly.
Like the moon American men landed on you in the 1970s.

Rhyme your eyes with skies if you must,
But what about pies?
Steak and gravy,
Stilton and garlic,
Chicken with white wine,
Any two for £4.49.

Rychard Carrington

Rychard Carrington resides near the shops. His poems are relatively popular in the east and west, relatively unpopular in the north and south.

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1 thought on “NaPoWriMo Day Eight: Rychard Carrington – Be emotional and original”

  1. shoving off

    Ayes! shout the crew.
    Fart! downwind shout the crew.

    Arms like clock’s
    a patchwork of time

    Oh, can you breakbeat all together now!

    Our sweat will turn to beer
    the rain will turn to unrhymed fears

    but we will drink drams in excess
    we will torture the very thesaurus


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