NaPoWriMo Day 15: John Beckett – Revolving Door Poem

Well done! You’re now half way through the month. You’ve probably got a good collection of poems, first drafts and random jottings. It’s all good so keep going. Don’t get in a spin with today’s prompt to write a revolving door poem from John Beckett.

To write a revolving door poem each stanza should start with the last words from the first line of the previous stanza until you end up back where you started.

P Is For Passion

A picture paints a thousand words,
on film or chip or paper,
Transport us to a passion place,
a mind adventure caper.
And passion portrays in our pictures.

A thousand words can play a tune
with the passions of one’s mind,
Soothes one’s heart and very soul
with the notes we share and find.
And the passion in our poetry pervades

A playful tune can drink your mind,
take you to another place,
Transcend your passions & your woes
put a smile back on your face.
And the passion in our playing pleases.

Drink in your mind a picture paints,
a psychedelic transient state,
Gin and Pims should do the trick,
mind passions on a glorious slate.
And the passion in our paint persists!

A picture paints ….. passion for is P

John Beckett

Just a Bloke

I’m just a bloke
that chops down trees,
I like to joke
and have a tease,
I give my time
my friends to please,
Reflect in God’s
divine creation
In all my wordy
and deeds.

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