NaPoWriMo Day 17: Charles Billard – Omit the predicate

Charles Billard is an artist working in music, visual art and poetry. You can find links to some of his other work at the end of this post. For today’s prompt he challenges you to use verbs without subjects. Below is his poem in French and English.


Autrefois claires
Maintenant aurifères
Je brille d’envie
De valser sous tes soies.

Le sommeil dans tes yeux
Apprivoise le sud
Qui te veut qui te vend
Pour en posséder d’autres.

Et demain si la clémence
Se profile à son heure
J’y cueillerai le lys
En y laissant les doigts.

À pas feutrés
Sous un firmament blond
Nous scintillerons d’humeur 
Et mourrons sans orgueil.


Once bright
Now golden
I shine with envy
To dance through your silks.

The sleep in your eyes
Is taming the south
Who wants you who sells you
In order to own more.

Tomorrow if mercy
Looms at its most precious time
I will pick the lily
Leaving your fingers here.

Under a blond firmament
All our moods will glisten
And we’ll die without pride.



Charles-Éric Billard lives and work in Osaka, Japan. He is involved in various disciplines, including painting, electronic and instrumental music, video and playwriting. His most recent event, ELECTRO CARAVAN, featured belly dancers from Japan and abroad dancing on music tracks he composed exclusively for them and on which video images were projected. 

Here is a track by Peter Lazer using the poem as song lyrics:

Other musical projects by Charles:

Cloneliness :

Fake Fur Room :

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