NaPoWriMo Day 23: C. D. Seventeen – Dreams

Don’t lose sleep over NaPoWriMo. Your next poem could be in your dreams, as C.D. 17 explains for today’s prompt.

Write a poem that is inspired by your dreams. What did you see in your dream? Any dialogues? What went through your mind? And most importantly, what message does your dream try to tell you?


Mountain, Mountain, 

am I still blessed by you? 

The god of my religion, 
too far away from my vision. 
What type of relation do I have with my possession? It’s the guilt of confession. 
It’s taboo to show your passion. 

I said no 
I said no 
The most useful word in the human world. It’s the red rejection! 

I love you… 
But it’s just the potion. 

Smile, Smile. 
The power of loss is to surrender. 
Let the word write itself. 
It’s the practice of a writer. 
Control the willingness to be controlled. Distinguish the ‘you’ and the YOU. And, 

C. D. Seventeen

C.D. Seventeen is originally from China. She moved to the UK at the age of 17 on her own to study psychology. 

She was born in a place called ‘the south of clouds’ (Yunnan province of China), an area with drastic diversity of landscape, religion, culture, music and arts. ‘Whoever can speak is a singer, whoever can walk is a dancer’ is a famous saying in the country, which describes the artistic Yunnan people. C.D. Seventeen is not an exception. Apart from writing poems, she is also a techno music artist, DJ, and painter. 

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1 thought on “NaPoWriMo Day 23: C. D. Seventeen – Dreams”

  1. a range of mountains
    an ocean of sunshine
    a foreign life

    under a clear sky
    every single breath
    steadily follows the wind

    April sunset
    cloudy mind
    just part of memory


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