NaPoWriMo Day 26: Michelle Diaz – Superstition

We welcome back Michelle Diaz with a poem that looks at superstition for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt.

Superstitions and magical thinking

Do you have any beliefs that stop you doing certain things? Do you believe in good/bad luck?Perhaps you have childhood memories of things you were told not to do because of superstitious beliefs e.g putting up an umbrella in the house, walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror etc. Explore these strange ideas. Perhaps you could become a broken mirror and write from its viewpoint, perhaps something bad did happen because you believed it would. 
What is the strangest superstition you have ever heard of? Perhaps you could make up a new modern set of superstitions and turn their oddities into a poem.

Mummy and the Night Sky

Those aren’t stars love,
they are constellations of diseases

look, there’s polio
caused by unwashed strawberries

and over there
the one that looks like a bear
that’s diabetes

the big one is cancer –
you’ll be more prone

if you bring daisies into the house
or wear a balaclava on Tuesday.

Michelle Diaz

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