NaPoWriMo Day 28: Scott Gooch – Poetry for the year 3023

Scott Gooch returns with a prompt from the future – 1,000 years to be precise. So crank up your time machines and get ready for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt.

I is

A reflection within a void of empty space
I stare… I stare into its face, its shell, its… Shell…
I know underneath It contains what is left but…
To me… It is a drone, and a drone is a drone
Alone within its shiny shell
I know that within that void it stares back
I stare… It stares… back, through its empty face
It knows that underneath I contain what is left but
To it… I is… I is… A drone… Is a drone
Alone within its shiny shell… I’m
A reflection

Prompt: This poem is part of a small series of futurism poems I perform exploring the relationship between humans and machines. In this poetry collection the concept between human and machine is fluid where the lines between consciousness are blurred even more than the real world. Inspired by my look into the future I would like to challenge you to write a poem which could have been written and/or performed in the year 3023. Think what might have changed in 1000 years or what might not have changed, would the poet be reflecting on the past or to the future?

Scott Gooch is a Norfolk poet and improv performer who has had his poetry broadcast on local radio and regularly performs at local poetry nights. He looks forward to developing his futuristic and fantasy poetry in future planned and unplanned projects.

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