Get ready for NaPoWriMo

It’s nearly April and time for NaPoWriMo when poets attempt to write a poem every day of the month. From Friday we’ll be sharing a daily post and podcast with poets from around the world sharing their ideas and poems to inspire you each day.

Make sure you’ve subscribed to the podcast and this blog so you don’t miss anything. Even if you do not plan on doing NaPoWriMo it will be a nice bit of poetry to add to your day, and even if you’re only inspired to write one or two poems that’s still an achievement.

If you’ve never done NaPoWriMo before and the idea of writing a poem every day seems daunting, take it easy. The aim isn’t to produce a masterpiece every day, just a first draft. By the end of the month you’ll have lots of ideas to develop at a slower pace. For more advice see this article or purchase my book Poetry Non-Stop.

Have a happy NaPoWriMo!

Call for submissions: Listeners’ edition

Submissions are now open for a listeners’ edition of the podcast. Please submit your poems according to the guidelines below. I’d particularly like to feature poems inspired by the writing exercises on previous podcasts. You can find details of these here.

Please submit an audio recording up to five minutes long, including any introduction to Alternatively you can send up to two poems in a Word document and I’ll record them. Please also include a short self-introduction. You can include a website and any social media handles you’d like to share. Also let me know which exercise(s), if any, you were inspired by.

Tips for recording:

You can produce an adequate recording using any laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Try to avoid any background noise and make sure your voice is audible but not distorted. Adjust the distance between you and the microphone if necessary. Beyond that don’t worry too much about quality as long as you can hear the words clearly. If you prefer you can send the poems as text.

Deadline for submissions is May 24th.