NaPoWriMo Day 13: Rychard Carrington – Irregular rhyme

To rhyme or not to rhyme? Maybe a bit of both. Rychard Carrington invites you to experiment with irregular rhyme for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt. See Rychard’s irregular rhyming poem below.

Family in a car

Daddy’s at the driving wheel,
Mummy sitting next to him,
Children on the back seat.
Oh, it’s a family in a car.

Mummy passes the sweeties,
Children say ‘thank you, Mummy’,
Daddy says ‘ta’.
How very nice,
It’s a family in a car.

Whence are they heading?
Will they score a birdie,
A bogie or a par?
We’ll find out, won’t we?
The family in a car.

God, on his lap,
Will unravel a map,
A direction for them to travel.
The family in a car.

Ma, you’re a star,
Pa, you’re a star,
Children, you should go far.
Hats off, humanity,
To the family in a car.

Rychard Carrington,
February 2022

Rychard Carrington is a human being. He lives 150 yards from the Irish Sea. He has written poems in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. He is a former landlord of Patrick Widdess.

Please share your responses to today’s prompt either in the comments or via email. The best submissions will be featured in future podcasts.

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