Poetry Non-Stop is a podcast featuring leading contemporary poets in conversation. In each episode a guest poet discusses their work with presenter Patrick Widdess and reads some of their poems.

Anyone interested in writing poetry is sure to be inspired by these conversations and each poet offers a prompt or writing exercise to help listeners generate new ideas for poems.

Listeners are strongly encouraged to share poems written in response to the exercises. Poems can be shared as blog comments, via email or on social media using the #poetrynonstop hashtag. The best poems will be featured online and in the podcast and may be published in other formats at some stage.

Check out the news page for details of shows and featured poems. Please subscribe, follow on social media and feel free to get in touch with any comments, suggestions or contributions.

For more tips and poetry writing prompts please consider purchasing Patrick’s book Poetry Non-Stop. You can also support the podcast by contributing via Paypal.

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