NaPoWriMo Day 18: Floss – Connections

Today explore connections and write a poem with this prompt from Floss.


I use poetry as a way of processing my thoughts and feelings and find it a great activity for self-compassion and well-being. My poem ‘Online dating’ was written following my own experiences of looking for connection with others. My prompt for you is to write a poem about the ways in which you formulate connection in your life, this could be to loved ones or to a special place or how you connect to yourself. 

Online Dating

Scammers, freaks, perverts, friends
Must be something that transcends
Ghosting, sexting, multi-texting.
Dick pics
Turning tricks
Be submissive, be dominant,
Be the perfect woman
For every imperfect man
Intelligent, sexy, independent and funny –
Be your honey –
That you can manipulate
then ask for money.
Where’s the etiquette?
Of course it’s the internet
The World Wide Web
Just go with the ebb
Of deceit and confusion
Personal intrusion
Boredom, disgust,
Intrigue, lust
and distrust
Pass through my mind
At varying times
The world’s in a pickle
and we are so fickle
Too fat
Too short
Too bald
What is left after they’ve left?
Feeling bereft?
The more profiles we see
The less satisfied we’ll be
Suddenly a right swipe,
Potentially …..a like
Tall, thin,
nice hair & skin
Shall I approach?
Where’s my life coach?
I message and tentatively wait
Dare I to believe in fate?
A reply from the hot man
So disappointing – Damn!
He may look good
But can’t even spell misunderstood
He’s dull and he’s boring
And by now I am yawning
Like a child I am wired,
Irritable and tired
When leaving the screen
and the scene

Device – make that VICE

You won’t find on a profile
My laugh or my smile
You won’t see the curve of my hip
Or my irreverent wit
You won’t see my passion
Or my quirky take on fashion
You can’t get a refund
If lunch bummed … didn’t get tongued
I’m not inanimate
Hence your bafflement
You can’t leave a review
Like on trip advisor or sue
How can I be authentic, be genuine, be true
If I feel stressed and depressed cos all you want is to screw.
I’m going back to my roots
To the law of the jungle
The spark and the hunger
Relying on instincts
Back to the precincts
If I’m forced to shop for men as baked beans
Then I’ll search amongst the sardines and greens
In the aisles and freezer compartment
Maybe in the home ware department
If I meet you in person
At least I’ll ascertain
That your’e not chatting to 5 other girls
I’ll see if you hang on my words,
If I’m heard
Unlike in the virtual world
where you disappear mid sentence
Scared of my dependence
Leaving me hanging,
sagging and flagging
But I’m no fool
I am cool
I am raging hormones too
And looking for connection just like you.


Floss is a mum, nurse, mental health practitioner, a trainee integrative therapist and poet.

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