NaPoWriMo Day 29: Rychard Carrington – Tribute

We welcome back Rychard Carrington singing the praises of food and he invites you to praise whatever you want for today’s Napowrimo poem.

The music of life

The music of life

How much mashed potato will I eat before I die?
Have I yet to consume a thousand pies?
What quantity of raspberry ripple ice cream?
How many pears, how many peas?

If food be the music of life,
Let’s listen to the music of food.

Baked beans with pepper on the beans,
Kitkats, bananas and buns,
Toad in the hole and spotted dick,
Pizzas and king prawn pathia.

The Lord gave us music, food and love,
And the greatest of these is food.

Branston pickle, apple crumble,
Salad in glass salad bowls,
Mars bars and tomato soup,
Yoghurt and profiteroles

Yes, love of food is music.
Eat on.

Some of us alas have eaten our last cheese pancake,
Will bite into roast parsnips no more.

Love, music and food,
Each pretty good,
But the greatest of these is food.

Yet oh, human race, the amount of muesli we will eat collectively
Will not be infinite,
How long before the ice caps melt
And we all drown,
Alongside our hash brownies and fried bread?

Will Daddy’s Sauce and tartare stand forlorn,
With no beings left to apply them to scampi?

So come on everybody,
Join Extinction Rebellion,
Exercise between meals,
And don’t eat absent-mindedly.

Rychard Carrington

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