NaPoWriMo Day 27: Java – Tiny creatures

Think small for today’s poem with Java making a welcome return to the NaPoWriMo podcast.

From mice to amoebas the lives of the smaller creatures we share our world with offer different perspectives with a wealth of poetic possibilities. Here’s Java’s poem.

Bug Business

Corporate takeovers can be unpleasant
Tiny warfare
With chemicals and claws present
For all to see
And mandible fangs
In the fight for small supremacy

Flying far above
Bees buzz
Optimised for aerial combat
Formations, teamwork
A well knit unit
In formation
Gathering nectar
Refined by chemists formulation
Expected by humans
Inspecting their sweet sensation

And far underfoot
And above in rafters
Spiders lurk in shadow
Fastidious weavers
Heaven help those unbelievers
Who wander blindly in their domain
No pain
Is felt upon their bite
Just a prick
So slight
As skillful as a doctor
Then goodnight

It’s business as usual
Visited upon
By bugs who crawl
We tut and squish
But when we curl our toes and die
Spare a thought for the fly
An undertaker
Just trying to get by
Creeping along our tightening skin
To lay their progeny within


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